Why this popup came whenever I try to write code. How can I off it?

That should only open if you press F1.

I would restart the browser. Also, you may want to check your inputs by writing inside a text document (like Nodepad) and see if your input device is adding anything unexpected.

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Restarted browser and there’s nothing unexpected happening at notepad and otherwise. I was practising and all of sudden it showed up and not its going nowhere.

The only key I know that will open the command palette in the browser is F1. In VS Code you can also use Ctrl + Shift + P but that won’t work in the browser (as that is the print command).

I’m fairly sure it must be something on your end. What is the system and browser you are using?

Try in a different browser and/or without any extensions running. Do a system reboot as well just to make sure.


Does your keyboard have the F1-F12 function keys at the top?

If not, your keyboard might have an fn key or fn toggle key. If that gets toggled or is stuck then hitting whatever key is mapped to the F1 key, i.e. fn + someKey will trigger the F1 function.


Thank You! It’s working now

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