Windows 11 -- Multiple versions of Python and python in anaconda in one computer-- How do I clean it up?

Please help. I have multiple problems regarding Python.

Problem 1: I found python 3.10 inside Inkscape, a graphic program. How do I remove this one? I have Python 3.11 installed elsewhere on this computer. I have no idea which python run when I run python.

Problem 2: I have multiple python versions 3.9.12, 3.9.13 in Anaconda. I think I have anaconda3 also. I also have python 3.11 installed outside of Anaconda. I like to remove all of the python versions, anaconda versions and start over. How do I do that?

I love python, but I did not know how to manage python. I realize that this is a big mess, so I like to clean it up.

For the first issue, if Inkscape has an embedded Python 3.10, it is best not to remove it as it could cause functionality problems with Inkscape. To check which Python version runs when you execute python, you can run python --version in your terminal. To specify a version, you might want to look into using virtual environments or altering your PATH environment variable.

For your second problem, to remove Anaconda and the multiple Python versions, you can uninstall Anaconda using the instructions provided in Anaconda documentation and manually delete any remaining directories. For standalone Python installations, you can remove them through the system’s add/remove programs feature. After cleaning up, you may consider using a version manager like pyenv to manage multiple Python versions and avoid such conflicts in the future.

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