Word spacing not working

why is the word spacing not working for the navigational links? and why is it that when I put position: fixed on navigational links, they clash together… something like this: image
link to codepen: https://codepen.io/nianaz/pen/yLXeBWR?editors=1100

@lepros solved the link crash problem…(thank you @lepros :grinning: )
but if possible can anyone help me with the word-spacing problem

I got rid of the list elements. Also, you’ll want to use position: fixed on #nav-bar rather than .nav-link:

Screenshot 2021-09-02 234904

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For the spacing, how about using margin-right: 50px; (or however many px makes you happy)

I meant word-spacing… for some reason it does not work for the navigational links

Right. I don’t know why word-spacing isn’t working. But margin-right will have the same effect.

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it works, thank you!!!

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Word spacing property increases/decreases spaces between words.

Here you have only one word in each anchor element. So you were not able to see the word spacing.

For suppose, if I add 2 more words in the first anchor element( features of phone) , you can see that word spacing is working.

If you want the space between the 3 anchor tags, you can use margin property.

Hope this helps :crossed_fingers:

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ahh, i see, thank you for helping me understand!!

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