Working with Gitpod and Github in the curriculum

While writing this im following this article [How to Use Gitpod in the Curriculum - Guide - The freeCodeCamp Forum] (How to Use Gitpod in the Curriculum)

It seems like everytime I try to push my project into a new repository it thinks im trying to push it towards the FreeCodeCamp repo but im pasting my repo link right maybe its bcus of the same workspace name?

Thanks for helping

it says ‘remote origin already exist’ so it looks like you did not manage to add your repo as a remote

git remote -v

to see the existing remotes

git remot set-url origin <url>

to set the new origin url

omg thanks so much! as u can tell im very new to github and gitpod so I appreciate ur help! I feel a bit silly that it was so simple to fix