Would like to create a multi-page mock up site

I am currently planning on creating a multipage website with HTML CSS and Javascript and hopefully some external framework to make it look pretty and modern.

My question is this, is this the best time for me to pick up a frontend framework??

I did have some experience with using javascript on the front end part.

Hi @zhouxiang19910319 !

I don’t see any downsides to learning a front end framework like react.
Just treat this like a learning project.

Building projects is the best way to learn anyway.
You can watch a tutorial online or go through the react section of FCC.
Then dive into the project.

The more you know of vanilla JavaScript the easier it will be to learn frameworks but there is no point in waiting to start building.

Start building and learn as you go. :grinning:

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Thank you for the reply! Will do!

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If you want to build a mock-up/prototype multi-page site to practice and solidify your HTML/CSS knowledge, then it is definitely a good use of your time and efforts. I found that I learned the most when I tried to build my own projects.

Just to clarify, by ‘external frameworks’ do you mean CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Bulma (recommend!), or JS frameworks like React?

It all depends on your current skills level and your goals. Learning and practising any new skills is a good use of time. But I’d suggest honing in the basics of HTML/CSS - page layout, positioning, making it look pretty etc, before tackling more challenging tasks - so that you are not slowed down by it later on.


When I said framework I meant external JS framework. Like VUE or REACT etc.

Here is the mock up I did using css and html as well as materialize CSS framework.

I did not upload it to any server so heres some screenshots.

I think that I would like to take some time and learn VUE from ground up.

At the same time re-learn some javascript knowledge such as async etc.

Here are some of the reasons I have decided to learn VUE.

  • It is relatively easier to pick up.

  • I really like Vuetify’s design language.

  • It is a pain in the butt to set up relative link manually when it comes to building multiple page website like this… lol. sorry for the language.

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