Would Love Some help with an API

So im sort of new to the coding scene but my passion for gaming and coding is strong, Id love to setup a site for a game with a player stats page, i have the api and auth key all ready to use, i just need help to set it up so i can just use the code on a web page. Any help would be appreciated so much

What have you done so far?
What area do you specifically need help?
or help, somebody do the site for me?

so i wasnt very clear the first time but, This is what i would love help with:

So i have a site setup, Now i have an api for a game (Fortnite) id love to setup a page for stats so players can look up there name and get there stats back, I really need help with this id would be so awesome if someone could

API (https://api.fortnitetracker.com/v1/profile/{platform}/{epic-nickname})
it does require a key but i will not be showing that on this post