Write Higher Order Arrow Functions Example of FCC Troubles

So this is the 100th (overexaggerated) time I’ve come across a problem like this. What is .map? I’ve read most of the other “Write Higher Order Arrow Functions” help questions and the solutions all involve .map. I haven’t come across this yet and I didn’t want to use it because it hadn’t been introduced yet and I want to be sure I understand my own answer.

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I recently went trough almost all of the JavaScript courses and I’d have to agree with you. The ES6 courses are strangely placed, being one of the first parts of the course. I’d agree that you should learn the features of ES6 early on so you learn the new way of doing things from the get go. However a lot of the ES6 exercises are written in a way that assumes you’re already familiar with JS even though you just started.

In the curriculum’s current form you unfortunately have to do some research of your own to figure it out.

Good luck with JS!

Thank you! I was just making sure I was just too stupid to understand something that others seemed to be getting easily.

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