Wysiwyg editor for Tailwind CSS

Hi there,

I’m working on a wysiwyg editor for webpage based on drag and drop and responsive styling, using TailWind CSS :
The app : https://magicmixer.github.io/
Tailwind : https://tailwindcss.com/

It was mainly for practice but now I find that the project has some pontential and I was wondering if you think that it could interest people. (I’m coding in my free-time, so if I can make my time spend coding usefull to others, it would be a great motivation)

About the app :

  • it supports 5 viewports, that you can simulate with the slider.
  • you can move or add items with a drag and drop system. Items in blue in the top menu are draggable. Drag outside to remove.
  • double click to edit an item. You can choose the viewport, and do some variation with hover and focus (not all styling elements are supported by hover and focus).
  • you can copy the generated classes for further uses with Tailwind CSS.
  • and many more options will come soon.