Awesome Markdown Previewer

Hey hey,

Any feedback on my markdown previewer is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @ryanwaltmurray!

I really like minimalism and simplicity, good work!

Keep it up!

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Nicely done, @ryanwaltmurray! What about changing the background of the editor and preview to white? Then you may not even need the green outline of those boxes.

As @LoneWanderer said, the minimalist looks is great. It’s easy to use and simple (I’d use it!).

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Looks nice . Maybe your react logo could be placed in the center.

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Looks good, works well. But on mobile a couple elements overflow the border. You should add an overflow-x: scroll in CSS. Good job with the rest, pleasing design.

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Nice idea! I tried it out and ended up just reducing the thickness of the outline.