Xampp phpmyadmin not working properly

I am setting up a local install of WordPress and phpmyadmin is displayed as on the screenshot.

Please note that it shows properly for less than a second then as on the screenshot.

I reinstalled xampp but nothing changed.

what happens if you click on a database, eg test, does that work? or if you click on the “+” before a database? do you see the tables of that database? can you edit/search them?

what exactly means “properly”?

I assume you have probably tried this, but in case not please try a different browser.

Hi, it does not work when I click on + sign, nothing happens.

When I say properly I mean I can’t edit to configure WordPress.

Does not work in Chrome.

I installed local flywheel instead of XAMMP, I did not fix this issue but I can continue with my work.

Have you tried clicking on the pointing to the left arrow that is just under the hamburger menu in the upper right?

Sorry, I don’t know, I have uninstalled xampp.