You can help us ship Beta in time for Christmas

Hey freeCodeCamp contributors, big announcement - we are planning to ship beta by Christmas!

We’ve had some big system design breakthroughs, and now have a clear path to a release.

We need your help! We have almost exactly 30 days to fix all the GitHub issues in the “to do” column on this GitHub Kanban board.

If you haven’t gotten freeCodeCamp running locally on your computer yet, here’s how.

We’ve also made great progress with the Interview Prep section, and would welcome your contributions to it, in the form of:

  1. improving the Project Euler / Rosetta Code challenges
  2. creating new Take-home projects like this one
  3. creating series of multiple choice systems design and concept questions like this one

You can watch me talk about beta and live demo some of its features here:

So in conclusion, our goal is for everyone in the freeCodeCamp community to have a very merry Christmas by being able to code on the new updated curriculum and platform. We want them to have a ton of interview prep challenges they can use to practice for jobs in the New Year.

P.S. Our Guide repo still has about 4,000 pull requests to QA and merge. If you’re interested in helping with these, send me a private message here on the forum.