You can now embed runnable, editable code here in all major programming languages

Here’s Hello World in Python:

Here it is in Java:

Here it is in Ruby:

Here it is in C:

You get the point. You can now embed runnable, editable code in pretty much any language in our forum.

A huge thanks to founder Amjad Masad - who created a plug in for Discourse - for helping this happen.

As you may already know, we have a massive Wiki that lives here on our forum, and it covers a lot more than just JavaScript - campers are creating tutorial articles for Python, Java, and other popular languages, too!

We are also working on a way of pulling these wiki articles directly into a special section on freeCodeCamp’s challenge map, so that they will show up in searches on

This way, our core curriculum can stay focused on full stack JavaScript, and we can also have extensive interactive tutorials on other popular languages.

Here’s our guide to creating Wiki articles:

Here’s how you can embed interactive’s into your wiki articles (and other forum posts):

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the language you want to use
  3. Write your code
  4. Click “Share” and copy the share link
  5. paste the share link into your forum post on its own line, then press enter.

That’s it. Now you can add to your posts runnable, editable scripts in all major programming languages.

Happy coding!


##Oh my god…

#It’s full of stars!


As 6 year old me might have said:

Although I would’ve used BASIC, not qbasic :slight_smile:


It is awesome!

Though my browser on my tablet didn’t like your infinite loop :hushed:

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I didn’t claim to be a terribly smart 6 year old :wink:


I just hope users don’t start using it in replacement of gist, pastebin, jsbin or similars lol

Nice … i use repl a lot … and when people post code looking for help with a problem i usually copy there code and paste it to repl to find the problem … now ill just be able to debug in the page.
So i hope people post there problems in repl.