YouTube channel for learning JavaScript

I’ve completed the Front End Certification and I am about half-way through the Back End Certification on FCC. I want to help others learn JavaScript so I’m posting a video every weekday on a different JavaScript concept.

The YouTube channel is called JS Nuggets:


Subscribed. Every weekday is pretty ambitious!

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I look forward to taking a look at this. Subscribed._

Thanks for creating the channel @beaucarnes I have subscribed. Your content is incredible.

Thanks! Just let me know if there is any topic you want me to do a video on.

Thank you, this is fantastic!

Thanks for making the channel!

Great one :slight_smile:

I’d love to get some feedback on the speed of my videos. I personally watch videos at 150% to 200% speed. For my own JavaScript training videos, I speed them up 125% before uploading them.

So do you think this works for the videos or would they be better at just normal speed?

Thanks for creating the channel.
Normal speed allows us the opportunity to increase the speed to 1.25 or higher if we see fit.
A cool topic I’d enjoy seeing would be design patterns in js,I would have said more
ES6 but I think that has been covered by other sources numerous times.

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I will upload at 100% speed.

Also, that is a good idea to do some videos about design patterns. I will do that!

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Just made a video about the Module Design Pattern. I plan to make more about design patterns in the future.


This is so good and brisk :grin:
Def subscribing…

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Subscribed. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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These are great, and I love how they’re so short and to-the-point. I’ve subscribed! :slight_smile:

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I subscribed! I love the way they are short and go straight to the topic :smiley:

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Thanks for all the encouragement!

I really liked the speed on the Module Design Pattern - it’s perfect IMHO, but being able to speed up to 125% is built right into YouTube so maybe uploading at 100% might be preferable to most. But on the plus side the videos are much shorter and therefore more concise. That’s probably for the best in my view.

Already subscribed to FCC’s channel, I’ll be visiting regularly just to see the content you upload.

Thanks for being so awesome!

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I had been meaning to give an update on this thread about how I’m posting videos on the freeCodeCamp channel now instead of JS Nuggets. I guess you figured that out already. :grin:

Love these short nuggets :+1: :+1: