Topic suggestions for "Beau teaches JavaScript" on FCC YouTube channel

I’m posting daily JavaScript training videos on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel. So far the topics have kind of been all over the place. I want to have an organized purpose to the videos I post. I’m developing a list of topics to create videos about. I’m trying to meet the following objectives:

  • Eventually have a complete JavaScript course on the freeCodeCamp channel.
  • Cover most of the JavaScript items in freeCodeCamp’s curriculum (using the current bata curriculum). I want students completing the curriculum to be able to go to the videos if they need more help on a topic.
  • Short and for the most part stand-alone videos so people can choose what topics they want to learn about if they do not want to watch all the videos.
  • Some advanced topics so there with be videos helpful to a wide range of skill levels.

I would appreciate any suggestions on video topics or changes to the list I have created.

Here is the list in a Google Doc.

I do not plan to create the videos in the order of this list but I want to eventually create videos for each topic. I will create a master list that has links to all the videos.


Algorithms, lots and lots of stuff on algorithms …


Video on how to use debugger in Chrome Dev Tools.

There are already 9 videos about Chrome Dev tools on the FCC YouTube Channel. Check out this playlist starting with video 30.

But maybe there are some things missing from those videos. I havn’t watched them all yet. :grin:

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