Great, beginner-focused YouTube channel

Hi everyone. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel with lots of beginner-friendly programming/JavaScript content. For example, I have a series on learning Git, which is something that isn’t often covered but is vital to professional software development.

Here’s the link to the channel:

Please let me know if there are topics I should cover or that you’d like to see. I went from newbie to mid-level front-end dev over the course of a few years, so I’d also be open to answering any questions that people might have.



hey uhmmm i just saw this and i wanna say i checked your chanenel and i couldnt find anything beginner friendly, and this is not a bad critism im just saying that maybe you should upload videos where you teach us the real basics of javascript. I think you would reach far more audience by doing those kinds of videos and help people like me who JUST started learning coding. The videos you make- you already made- are really good but you can step it down a little bit more and do that. I hope i didnt say anything that would make you sad or angry. good chance in life buddy!