The Net Ninja Youtube Channel

The Net Ninja Youtube channel is the best channel to learn Web Development. You can start learning from totally no idea about coding to an intermediate to advanced depending on your willingness to listen and follow the discussion.

During the videos, I usually pause and try to do what he does. This is a big help for those who wants to learn front-end web development. I would recommend his bootstrap tutorial which is a great resource if you want to play around the overall feel of your website.

Most of his lessons are for beginners to intermediate level. Still, you can learn a lot of new tricks even if you are already at the advanced level.


@cmelvin04 thanks for the heads up about the channel! I am definitely going to dive in and take a look at what’s on there.

I completely agree… His channel is awesome! I’ve worked through a few of his frontend playlists, also the Node JS playlist helped me a ton when I was starting out on the backend.

He really manages his content in small manageable chunks, and it looks like he’s covered pretty much every topic needed on FCC: HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Node jS, Mongo DB and many many more.

His playlist are really well structured so it’s easy to refer to it for specific parts when we need a refresher.

He obviously listens to his subscribers and cares about making his content accessible.

He explains in details everything that’s going on.

He’s amazing !

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this channel, it looks awesome, MongoDB, React series, here I come!


This was one of my greatest channel discoveries on YouTube this year.

Derek Banas is another great one. Although be prepared to pause often to try stuff out for yourself.

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haha, i have the same feeling. You need to give a Derek video a break or you would lose a focus and miss a chance to learn something