Favorite Youtube "Code Along" Channels for HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript?

Anyone got any favorite “Code Along” channels for HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript, and/or jQuery? From simple to more complex? Thanks!

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I wouldn’t describe all of his videos as “code along” but I really enjoy funfunfunction’s videos. Lots of great JS content and much more.

You can check out his channel here here.


Swoodend, I’m specifically looking for the type of videos where there’s a notepad/coding pad up and the person explains the functions of what they’re doing out loud, line by line if possible, but this is great too. I’m watching the first video now! Thanks duder!

Charming dude :slight_smile:

The Coding Train has to be one of the most entertaining and inspiring coding channels out there. The majority of it is over my head, but the guy is an incredible teacher and his enthusiasm is downright contagious. <a href+“https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTlvUkGslCV_h-nSAId8Sw”>This is another excellent channel. Definitely more on my level (beginner level)!


Coding train is awesome.
Other code along channels:
Traversy Media
The Net Ninja


@barringtonbear I just started viewing Net Ninja’s html tutorials. They are pretty good.

I actually started on the jquery videos and liked them a lot so I decided to start watching from the ground up. The are about 17 in the playlist. He does a ton of other stuff including Bootstrap, Node.js and Javascript. I just saw a play list for Mongodb.

Going to be watching these for a long while.

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Wow, that intro video is outta this world! :grinning:

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Loving Net Ninja and Code Train dudes. Thx so much!!!

Not exactly code along type of videos.
But one of my favourite channel is called: Dev Tips.


Great channel for sure my man - already subscribed! Thx!


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LearnCode.academy - https://www.youtube.com/learncodeacademy/


Sorry to revive the post, I found it through Google and I think this will help other people. Here we go:

And obviously there’s freeCodeCamp channel on YouTube.

Gonna add Wes Bos to that list. For example, his BMW part finder codealong is pretty cool.

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