Four Content Creators That Helped Me with Web Development Over the Years

This is my list of YouTubers that have helped me become better at learning web development outside the boundaries of FCC.


This is the order I followed. I recommend these channels for someone who is new to web development but is serious about learning how to code.

  1. The Net Ninja

  2. Angela Yu

  3. Traversy Media

  4. freeCodeCamp( :fire:)

  1. The Net Ninja is my first go-to teacher. He explains everything in details. He is so good that he will make you see web development like writing on a word document.

  2. Even though Angela Yu’s courses are not free, they aren’t expensive either. And she also explains web development with so much enthusiasm and uses so many tools that this is where you get the click. At the end of her courses, and after finishing the Net Ninja’s web development videos, you will have a thorough understanding on how web development works.

  3. Traversy Media has a lot of crash courses where in one hour he build a small project. Those are the ones you need to do once you’re done with Angela. Brad doesn’t stop to teach you why something is the way it is; he does for a few seconds and moves on. The good thing about his videos is that he builds a whole website with one video (The Crash Courses), and since you aren’t unfamiliar with the concepts, you learn a lot as well, by doing what he’s doing on your end.

And 4. The freeCodeCamp. I had no idea how good this curriculum was. But I never regret having gone to those content creators first.

The downsize about those three up there is that I never built something that was mine. I never really built a portfolio. I never really could say that “this is my code”, “I did this.” When I started the freeCodeCamp on May 4, this year, I started building something that was mine. Something that no one had.

Yes, the projects are the same to everyone, but I always give it my personal style, like they suggest we do… and we must.

The freeCodeCamp is the best thing that has ever happen to me.

I thank all the teachers Shaun Pelling (Net Ninja); Angela Yu (App Brewery); and Brad Traversy (Traversy Media) for all these years of learning.

Now it is time for me to write some code.

What do you guys think? Who are your favorite teachers on the web?


edit :- freeCodeCamp(:fire:)

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So far, I would say freecodecamp and Hasan Armstrong’s Youtube video’s have been the best for me.

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