Best course of web development?

Iam going to begin learning web development. so what are free courses you guys would recommend me?
who has the best web development course on youtube superSimpledev or Freecodecamp?

I LOVE freeCodeCamp!! Ultimately one class will not get you where you want to go. You need to practice your skills with projects after you learn them or in my case that is how I learn them. After doing walkthroughs I go back and take the course on the topics I did in the walkthrough and it makes much more sense to me. fCC’s classes are very informative and they have tons of videos on youTube for just about anything you would like to learn and the instructors are always very knowledgeable. Once again the best path for you will be the one that works best for you. Good luck and have fun!


Well, there are lots of courses for web development are available over the internet that you can take to learn about web development. Lots of reputed academy also providing these courses on free of cost and paid as well such as Coursera, W3School, Codecademy, Udemy, Byjus and many other. Before taking any course you also need to check about their review and recommendations from seniors. Fea days ago I were suffering over the internet and I found this post in this platform itself where you can also learn about it in details with YouTube videos.
Well, apart from this I also seen this post where author listed 10 best courses to learn web development.
One thing that I will also suggest you that you need to be very focussed towards your learning and goal and you must have to dedicate on this. One important things courses and books may be different in learning phase you need to keep your eyes on basic and logic of programming language.
I hope you are clear now,


I dont think there is a “best” course.

It all depends on what is compatible with your way of learning and the device/s you have access to.

Courses can introduce you to a language and concepts, but its still you that needs to build and learn.

I tried out a few different places before settling on freeCodeCamp. But freeCodeCamp is not the only resource I use to learn.

A few of the things I go back to reguraly:
The Odin Project
The Coding Train (youtube)
HappyCoding .io
Microsoft Bing (AI)

There are a host of different resources you will use when learning. Try out different courses to find out what works for you.

I suggest trying out both and seeing which one clicks with you. Remember, web development is a big field, so it’s good to explore different resources.