Looking for a good way to learn some basic web development

I am interested in learning web development in the hopes to someday set up my own website/business. I have done some programming in college and used python heavily at work for awhile, although fairly low level. So, I think I could pick something up fairly quickly.

What I am looking for is some kind of course that I could work on at my own pace that would teach me enough to set up my own web business. Has anyone heard of or have experience with a course like this that you I would recommend?

As a bonus question, is there along the same lines that could actually prepare me to work in web development? I really enjoy programming and unfortunately my current job has shifted away from it.

This is the forum for Free Code Camp, and online, free web development course. It will teach the skills needed to make web pages. And many people have used this as a way (with a lot of hard work) to build a career in web dev.

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