Youtube video using html

I am trying to get a youtube video to play using html but the code doesnt seem to work.
I have used iframe code from youtube but this didnt work, can anyone help? code as per the below…

< video id=“video” controls >

< i frame src=“the video link " autoplay=1” value=1 >

< / iframe >

< / video >

You should take a look at this link.

I know about this but it doesnt work…inside my html code…

can you post a link to your code?

try something along these lines

<iframe id="video" ..... since you are using an embedded video the video tag is not used

This is a link to the page with the code…

I have removed the video link, it now works…

looks like you got it working

Can you post a link ? looks like you got it working

Um that’s FCC’s sample Landing Page tho?

If that was in code it should have given you an error already.