10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now
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I’m sorry I’m so lost here could you help me please do clear it up . In the old site as i mentioned I was 2 steps away from First Certificate. the subject here is not the certificate, i don’t care that much about when i get it, its how i get it so :slight_smile:

a) should i go back and complete new projects from “Responsive Web Design” & “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects” and then come back and complete my on going level at " Front End Libraries Projects" which there is 2 new project " Build a Markdown Previewer" & “Build a Drum Machine” .

b) can I complete " Build a Markdown Previewer" & “Build a Drum Machine” and claim the certificate then go back again and do “Responsive Web Design” & “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects” .

c) under settings > Legacy Front End Projects > tic tac game & simon game is still there should i do them and claim certificate.

I’m very sorry but really I don’t know what to do, It’s not about the “Certificate” it self, what i want is complete a level get a certificate that will motivate me to learn more and work harder and then go back or move forward to another level …etc.

Thanks it’s clear now , I read this topic: freeCodeCamp’s new certificates - here’s how we’re rolling them out

and now it’s clear what to do .


I totally agree. UI needs big improvement. It’s not user-friendly or simple at all which was the advantage of the old one.


There are a typo in the new css variables challenges.

They say “declar” instead of “declare”

Also, I noticed that the new css variables challenges are badly designed. It’s like there are something lacking, it just learns you “variables” out of nowhere and it doesn’t even explain the purpose of them nor explains them well.


Hi @QuincyLarson thank you for your work! I’m sorry to bother you but I’d like to point out some problems/flaws with the new design:

  1. the “give hint” button is not longer there
  2. the profile page is no longer easly reachble from the top right corner
  3. the portfolio page is missing the “solution” button to re-read the previously submitted solutions (I used that button to go back and read the comments explaining what I have done to reach that solution)
  4. I’ve lost my Streak! I was at over 115 days, now i’m only at 2 :frowning: (I’m sure I didn’t interrupt the streak, and anyway the “longest streak” now is 14 instead of 115 :frowning: )
  5. Linked to point 3 and 4 I’ve lost all my previous solutions :frowning: If i go back to the lessons that I have already completed my code is no longer there :frowning:
  6. The funcion “map” is now replaced with “view the curriculum”… but Map was already placed on the lesson you where following while “view the curriculum” starts always from the beginning of the entire course)

Can you help me retrieve back my code?
Thank you in advance


I cannot see my wrong results in the new version anymore! It just keeps telling me what the right result should be.


this will help you.


@Aymen1337, no need to apologize, the old certs are not going to go anywhere , and they will be available under legacy, so you should still be able to get them, my advice would be, just to continue what you were doing till the dust settles, when you are done with the projects, claim the legacy certs (once it starts working again) and then, if you like, do the additional projects to get the new front end certs.

Basically, in the old curriculum we had 10 projects before we could claim the front-end cert , in the new one, we also have 10 projects (split between Responsive Web Design and Front End Libraries) 5 of them are new (Build a Survey Form, Build a Product Landing Page, Build a Technical Documentation Page, Build a Markdown Previewer and Build a Drum Machine) while the rest are the same, however with the new curriculum your projects have to pass the built in tests (unlike the old curriculum) so even with the ‘same’ projects you may have to tweak your old projects a bit for them to work and pass these tests.

But the main point is that the knowledge you gained from the previous curriculum is (largely) transferable to the new curriculum, so keep chugging along…


Here is a screencast of the hard to reproduce :bug: bug that creates a white screen. I opened the console for you so you can see the error message.

Screencast of whitescreen bug:

Edit: it looks like I also happened to be recording while you had debugging enabled :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I will complete the 2 remaining project and then I’ll start over with new projects from new curriculum.
Thanks again.


Having the same issue Quincy. Simply what happens, and it seems to be at random is:
Click “View the Curriculum”
Can now see everything again.

It’s been very random for me, and is just a slight bother, but it is at least fixable with a bandaid solution of refreshing the page, until you guys figure out what’s going on.

PS: The new layout threw me off at first, but I definitely appreciate it, it fits more along the lines of what I see while working on projects for school.


Will there be a way to see the challenges we worked on before? I’m in the middle of the intermediate algorithm scripting, but now that the challenges are jumbled how will I know which challenges will help me with each project?


where is the “give hint” button too?


The new layout looks great, the rationale behind the changes is sound and encouraging! I’ve refreshed several times and, while the challenges that I’ve completed are now greyed out, I don’t know how to proceed through. Also, what happened to the time estimates? These were very useful for knowing how to budget time, and how long each project, challenge should take.


I’m sorry, I’m lost. I was in the middle of the front end certification and was completing the Wikipedia viewer before the update, now I have no idea what I’m supposed to do next or how I specifically know which lessons are for what actual certifications. The viewer does not even appear to fall into a lesson plan in the curriculum though i see it in the list of projects. I feel the current curriculum layout is not as helpful or as user friendly as the map we had before. Is there a place I can go that gives a more detailed background as to what the new curriculum/requirements are?



What about the time estimates?


I have almost completed the fullstack curriculum and have even been streaming the backend challenges. I think I have 3 left for the full stack. I have been doing this for just over a year and I was really looking forward to finishing the fullstack certification and going through the 1on1 interview and job prep for those who have finished the whole course. Are you still doing that or am I out of luck. Life spinning:(.


@QuincyLarson Thanks for the update, love the new curriculum and appreciate the hard work of the team.

Couple of things:

  1. when completing javascript challenges, console logs and returns do not show in the console meaning i cannot debug. I can only see i’m NOT passing tests. This makes bugs/errors incredibly difficult to solve.
  2. https://www.freecodecamp.org/deprecated-signin does not seem to exist/is on private. I was hoping to retrieve some code from the old site if possible


I’m wondering about time estimates as well!


Like the new upgrade, amazing work, and thank you all the hard work.


Congrats on the new release! I love the addition of more content and reordering the focus of the challenges and projects to represent what is most important in modern web development. I also appreciate that the UI is continuing to be worked on as it feels like a step back with a more cluttered layout and a less modern appearance.

My biggest concern is about the requirements for obtaining the certification. Does removing the challenges reduce the overall value of the certificate to an employer? Some people may now only do the bare minimum to quickly complete projects, leaving an employer unable to guarantee that they have the same background knowledge and exposure as someone else with the same certificate.