100 Starts Trying to Learn to Code!

Dear FreeCodeCamp Forum Members,

I’ve stumbled across this site and added to the many others I’ve seen and tried to use but this one feels different and exciting so can’t wait to get going.

I’ve started to learn to code 100 times now, each time without succes. I’m not sure why I stop or do not carry on but I see to get to the same point every time (for loops, while’s etc…).

I’ve beeb looking around the “Map” section and wanted to know if this is the recommended path or is it ok to go to a language that’s more desirable to start with? I’d much prefer to jump into JavaScript rather than HTML and CSS, so what do you guys think? Start where I want or just go though each topic in the map as it comes up?

In parallel to starting on this site I’ve also just started to learn Swift, I’ve the free Apple course (about 1 chapter in, finding my way around Xcode)

Thanks guys

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If you haven’t done any HTML & CSS before, then I would recommend doing that part of the map first, or familiarising yourself with these technologies before you start any javascript. I would say this because with javascript and jquery you will be manipulating HTML elements and if you can’t make any, then it’s not really worthwhile. If you have the basic grasps of HTML & CSS then by all means skip these sections and move onto JS. However if you need more practice or a refresher I would thoroughly recommend doing the HTML & CSS parts of the map.

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I agree that JS is far more interesting than either HTML or CSS if you’re more interested in programming than design, but there isn’t much interesting you can do in JS without HTML, CSS, and the DOM. Without learning those, you’d be restricted to playing around in the browser console, which can be fun in itself, but you’ll never have anything approaching a real UI (you can’t even collect user input in the console — the closest is creating prompt()s).

What are your goals for studying? If you’re more interested in back end stuff, by all means go for it, but you’ll still need to learn the basics of front end, including the same elements (HTML, CSS, JS, and the DOM).

Thanks @Mortuie @lionel-rowe

Actually I have just come of the back of a code academy course the covered HTML and CSS and was 10 weeks. I managed to get to 7 weeks as life got in the way (you know the usual, children and work and well that’s it lol).

I think I will take the advise and use the HTML and CSS as a refresher and to solidify some of the concepts I have already learnt.

My goals are backend mainly. I want to be able to write some solid lambda function in AWS (in Node or Python) - I currently write a tone of CloudFormation in YAML and a little JSON (mainly YAML but have no trouble understanding either).

Appreciate the advice guys.