2 Pens/Projects - One Loads on Phone, Other Doesn't

My first project, the tribute page, will open up on my mobile phone (Android-Chrome Browser). It’s not pretty but at least it loads. I just started a new project, my portfolio, and it will not load on my phone; it’s just a blank white screen. Does anyone know what the deal is? Am I doing something wrong?

Tribute Page

portfolio page looks like this on my phone

I think the image does not load correctly on the phone.

Try adding something like “background:red;” to the header and put the background image between comment quotes. Save,and open the pen on your phone. If it still displays a red screen then the image is the problem.

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It seems to be an imgur or a CodePen-imgur issue and not a problem with your code, I’ve tried that with other images on imgur. Hosting your image elsewhere will fix that. :smile:

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Do you have a suggestion for another host that would work?

You could try Cloudinary—I read about it in another thread when I first started and my image is still work.

If you have experience with GitHub, you may want to consider migrating your portfolio there as GitHub Pages; you can also avoid the CodePen header and your portfolio will look more professional that way.