Images disappear on mobile devices

Just tested my portfolio page on mobile device (android) and the images don’t show up.

lines 48 to 53

Hello Ozmos,

It is a strange issue probably by imgur. I have visited your Image links manually and reload your projects. Seems like it is working fine now. Please do check again.

Edit - Now i tried again on Incognito mode and your images are disappeared again. This is a strange issue that I have never encountered before. Try changing hosting site or reuploading again.

Thanks, at least it itsn’t my code at fault. Can I ask which site you recommend for image hosting? I’ve already tried google images and now imgur. Don’t want to pick another dud.

Here the images don’t open. All request to the images are returning 403. It’s like the imgur won’t accept the request to the files.

Take a look at Cloudinary for hosting your images… works better than imgur. Codepen seems to have issues at times with image links viewed on mobile, there isn’t much you can do about that from what I researched.