Finished (I hope) Product Landing Page

As always, I appreciate all feedback. Here is my product landing page

Hey, not sure if that’s codepen’s issue, but the images are not loading for me.

When I click the link the pictures show up. I’m using Chrome and will check other browsers. Other than the pictures, any feedback?

The images aren’t loading for me either. I think it’s because you’re hosting them on imgur. I see the 403 errors for the images when I open Chrome’s JS console.

HTTP 403 is a standard HTTP status code communicated to clients by an HTTP server to indicate that the server understood the request, but will not fulfill it.

Imgur is probably blocking requests from Codepen.

Maybe try hosting your images somewhere else, like


Thank you for the suggestion for I updated my Landing Page. The images seem to load now. Any additional feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Looks good, on the mobile though we miss a house listing unless we scroll to the side