Finally done, need feedback on my product landing page

Finally done with my product Landing page, l need your feedback. Thanks

The images are not working.

ok but it is working from my end here on vscode, but not on the codepen. Please how do l resolve that. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi. Please don’t get mad. I’m just giving my feedback to help you out. Here’s what I’ve noticed is wrong, and although it might be working for you on your platform in vscode - whatever it is you program should be bug free for any web server you will be uploading your code onto. Just doing something as simple as ctrl-shift-I in Chrome browser revealed your errors (too many to list). Try your code in Chrome and other browsers, and use the developer tools to identify any errors which you can debug or eliminate. If your code works well in CodePen it should be find to upload to other production web servers.

It’s not working on codepen because you’re linking the images locally. When you were using vscode, the images were stored in your main project’s folder, in another folder called images.

<img src="images/product_img.png" alt="blackmask image">
You need to upload the images somewhere on the web in order to use them, and grab the URL from wherever they’re hosted, which would look like <img src="https://<url>.com/filename.png" alt="blackmask image">.

thanks for the feedback, its noted

thanks for the feedback, well noted

Images is now working, could you be kind enough to view and give your feedback. Thanks

Hi :wave:,

Liking the look of the page and looks good on the monitor but but a bit more work is needed for the smaller screens (try the developer tools on the browser and look at the view with iPhone5).

Also, a suggestion for projects using CodePen,everything that would normally go in the head section doesn’t actually go in to HTML editor. Instead go to Settings > HTML > and you will see “Stuff for head” and put it all in there.

Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face: