First submit for responsive web design

I know it’s basic. But it’s my first submission and It took quite a long time to do it! I know I’ll look back on this awhile from now and see how much more I can improve. But feel free to tear it to shreds with constructive criticism. I welcome it! Thanks guys =)

Hi @CodingDutchman,

Well done on getting all your tests to pass! :slight_smile:

Below are two immediate problems that I can see:

  • the image does not load image

  • your link overlaps with the line above it: image

I hope this helps and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks @trix19. Very odd. When I open my index.html it looks good. Is there some reason that transferring to codepen would possibly change that? I’m not sure if it’s pertinent, but I wrote it all is vscode . Many thanks.


When you add images to Codepen, you can’t upload them directly from your computer. You have to host them somewhere, then use that link for the src.

Also, you don’t need a head tag in codepen.

Otherwise, I’d suggest centering the image once you link it.

Hope that helps.

Perfect! Codepen wanted to charge to upload an image so I used google drive instead and it works =)