HELP .. Responsive web design project

this might seem really silly but i need to ask that way I know for the future I am having a hard time putting a image and video into the code pen and it actually passing. For example, I just copy a image or video from the internet and click " copy link address" and paste it into the code area. The video and photo actually shows up but i know its not correct because its not passing the test.
So, my question is, what is the correct way to enter a photo or video into the code pen? I know the syntax for it, but im not sure if i need to click "copy link address like im currently doing or save it on my pc and then copy it from there or what?? What does everyone else do??
(p.s. i know this is a noobie question but this is pretty basic so i need to figure this out. lol)

Hello @bryson2128

To have a better understanding of the problem, it is ideal to place the link to your Codepen. This way we can analyse your code and point out a solution for you.

here is the code. I haven’t styled it yet, but just the basic stuff so far. I am having trouble with the image and video part. Do you see something I am not?

Good evening,

It’s no worries. I have managed to see why you have not passed the test.

First of all, your images and video are fine. What you have not done correctly is the placing of your two ids (‘header-img’ and ‘video’) on the element they are supposed to be on.

Read the task for these, the answer is there. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and let us know if you have managed to solve this.

Happy coding!

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okay, i got it! thank you so much. I do have one more question tho, why would my css not be working? Is there something in the settings im supposed to be clicking for it to work?

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You are much welcome. I am glad to see this is now sorted for you :slight_smile:

Before I go and check out and see your CSS, could you please give me highlighted areas of what is not working? This will be easier for me to get to the case quicker.

What I do notice is your logo is now gone and you had your CSS processor set to Scss. While that may not play a role here, it is best to set your CSS processor to none if you are not using processor. This is done in the settings.