Images are not showing on my projects

Hi guyz whenever im doing the projects i.e survey form and product landing page i noticed whenever im logged in to my codepen account and using google chrome the images show but when im not logged in the images do not show. How can i correct this problem?
Here are my project links:
landing page
tribute page

Imagur and codepen don’t get along. Use a different hosting service and it should work.

thanks do you have any suggestions?

I usually just google “free image hosting” and go with whatever doesn’t require me tocreate an account :laughing:
When you’re making a live website or web applications, you will have the image files on the server along with your code.

I’d recommend for hosting your images. They’ve got a generous free plan. (I’m not associated with them, but have been using their platform to host the images for my projects.)

@LisaLoop @ArielLeslie i found one thanks you two