25 + 5 clock passed 27/29 test. Timer test 10 and 11 expected 58 equal to 59


I’m making the 25 + 5 clock for the certification but 2 test failled.

The test 10 and 11 for the #Timer are wrong.
" 25 + 5 clock has paused but time continued elapsing: expected ‘58’ to equal ‘59’ "

On my side, it’s working and you can test it yourself link to the deployed project here.

You can click the play and pause button as fast as you can, it work.

But the test not.

It’s for 2 days that I’m checking on stackoverflow, freecodecamp forum, google about this issue.

I did a lot of change but not possible to find the issue.

Can some one help me ?

Link to the repo on github here.

Thank you in advance for your time :smiley:


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