3 Projects, have a look :)

So I’ve had a few projects over these last 2 years and i recently done some changes to them to use for my portfolio page when ill be making that one.

I would love for you guys to have a look at these pages and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

PS: These pages are mostly HTML/CSS with just a small portion of JS in them since i’ve just started learning about JS :slight_smile:




They are really beautiful web pages, when you have implemented javascript they will be even more dynamic!!!
I like the fact that you also made them responsive.

Yeah i’ve learned that it’s very important to have all webpages Responsive. I would know for a fact that if i ever visited a website that was non-responsive, i woulnd’t stay for long on that site.

So i’ll make a habit for it to make the website responsive from the very start :slight_smile:

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They are very nice :slight_smile:
Though one thing with the TIMS sight. All the menues are black until you click Them.

Hm, i thought i fixed that. I’ll just have to look at it again. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: there, should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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If you don’t hover over the exact word in your navbar and just hover over the corner of the box the word goes away (guessing it is because both are still orange)

Yeah that is something i’ve been trying to fix, so im working on figuring that out. :thinking:

Consider reducing the size of images. They are heavy and it takes a long time to load them up.

Here’s my favorite tool.


You could also try to use the srcset and sizes attributes to let the browser pick the best image even if it is HD.


Hi Rokimedes, here are my suggestions:


  • Your div with the class “mid-col” probably should be wrapped with the MAIN tag, to make it semantically correct.


  • The footer should extend the browser’s width just like the nav-bar, or viceversa to keep your design balanced.
  • I’d experiment with a red-ish brown or a more yellow one, like these (you know what they say “steal like an artist”)

Finally TIMS is an amazing extensive project, my only suggestion would be to soften the black as it makes me think more of a Transit and Transportation website (at least using the context of the west). Your site reminded me of this one https://www.calacademy.org/ so kudos

Congrats on having 3 strong responsive projects without using a Framework!

Wow, thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what i could do with the few changes i can do on the projects :slight_smile: