30+ and got first developer job

Congratulation! Salam from Tangerang! :smiley:

Very inspiring! Keep motivated and keep moving! Congratulations and all the best for future!

Congratulations. This is truly amazing, I hope you do realize this is just the beginning, you should continue learning and working on your skills.


This is an awesome story! Reading success stories such as this gives me the confidence to continue to pursue FCC and find a development job eventually. Kudos to you my friend!

You are in inspiration

what is FFC ??
hope the best for u…never give up broh

The site you are using now :slight_smile:

@yoskakomba: that’s the way bro! Keep Up and Thanks for the story.
From Medan with Pride.

Great story man!
I have to say you have inspired me. you had a very long road.
Happy coding man!

Good man. You are my idol. :slight_smile:

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HI all, thanks for the compliments
After a month working as front-end web developer, I found that my strongest point is in web design, so I decided to stay as front-end web developer not full-stack or back-end.
I decided to focus on front-end skill like PSD to Bootstrap to Wordpress. I knew it is opposite with the trend and hype of JavaScript and its framework. I don’t want to be another Jack-of-all-trade in programming world, so I focus on that skill as it has huge demand too.
with many programming languages and frameworks, I think many beginners in web development will feel the same thing as I feel, loosing focus.

In my opinion, if you have good eye on design you can choose to be UX designer, or front-end web developer, front-end also has many sub skill like angular/react for mobile development and if you have good analytical thinking skill you should choose Data Scientist or Full-stack.
Please FCC make pre-screening-test so many students will know their strongest/weakness points, and they don’t just follow the hype and trend.

Thank you FCC


Very inspirational! Thanks for your story.

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Hi Yoskakomba, you are such an inspiration. Congrats, so happy for you!! BTW 33 year old is young to me. :relieved:

Exactly, I was thinking the same thing!! haha

salam kembali bro, dari Palembang

Yes! The Universe is great and all-supportive once we set that intention.
Beautiful story!


Congratulations! So pleased you are doing what you want to do now. It’s really inspiring.

great job mate , thats all about i pretty sure that all the things you do with passion will bring excellent results.
God Bless you

Congrats! just started learning here a couple of days ago and your story has really motivated me, salam dari Jakarta! :smile:

Keep trying. I know there are companies about degrees, but there is just as many about showing you have experience. My husband works in the tech field already and there are so many graduates that come out with no real appliable knowledge. Good Luck!