38 years old. First Dev Job 12K year. 16 months later 125K per year

Just wanted to share my story for those struggling.

My first dev job out of boot camp I made 1 thousand dollars a month and worked a ton of hours.

Every few months or so I tried to move up.

My progression

12k Year 50K Year , 75K year, 125K year

I sucked for a long time before I became competent. Was fired from the 50k Job for not being skilled enough. A week later got a call about the 75k job. Worked there for 10 months and then got a job making 125K Per year.

I learned maybe 10 percent of what I needed to know after I graduated from a boot camp in late 2016 and had done little programming before this.

Every job interview I have had I am completely honest, almost to a fault, but I feel that presenting myself as authentically as I can will make sure that I always feel good about what I’m doing and limit imposter syndrome.

When I was working the low paying job, it was tough, but I knew the experience was what I really needed to improve.

If you want to change your life, have an interesting career that is never boring it can happen if you never give up.

I was almost 36 when I started a bootcamp for those interested.


Congrats, that’s a great accomplishment! :clap::tada:

That is absolutely awesome! It also gives me (and probably many others) a great deal of hope!
Thanks for sharing!

If you dont mind, im painfully curious why you were fired exactly? And why were you hired so quickly? Did you tell them you were fired or just not bring it up?

Amazing. I’m preparing for my next jump up and was wondering how people are doing in their career progression after getting that first dev job.

thank you friend for sharing your experience these stories always help me to keep going and not give up on this trip.

Great story!
If you can go deep into how you overcame bad thoughts after being fired and during job hunt it would be fantastic. I believe most people need a hand when they start feeling bad about themselves and losing faith in their abilities. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Stories like this keep us all going!