9 Projects Feedback before Claiming the Frontend Certificate

I’m currently working on my Simon Game (the last project from frontend certificate section).
Before I finish it, I’d like to ask you for your feedback on my 9 previous projects.
Any feedback is welcome! I want to review all the projects once again before claiming my frontend ceritificate.

Because there are 9 projects, choose the one/ ones you want and please mention the name/number of the project before providing your feedback.

  1. Tribute page

  2. Portfolio page

  3. Random Quote Machine

  4. Local Weather

  5. Wikipedia Viewer

  6. Twitch TV

  7. Javascript Calculator

  8. Tic Tac Toe

  9. Pomodoro Clock

Congrats on being so close to finishing!

Well done!

Your Pomo clock is lovely :slight_smile:

I like the pulsing animation. I assume your extra features, like the progress history, are working and swell, but I didn’t want to wait for the timer to countdown to find out :blush:

I like the delay built in to the tic-tac-toe. It feels more human to have the computer player simulate thinking about the next move. Most just have the computer play at lightning speed!

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I think you have done an amazing job. I especially liked your JS Calculator and Tic Tac Toe. Keep it up!

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It’s just the beginning of the way but for sure a nice milestone, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for having a look and the comments. The more human experience is exactly what I wanted to get. It takes time to work on decent UX in each project but for sure it’s worth it!

I finished the 10th project: http://theonewhodo.es/simon-game/

I claimed the certificate. JOYYYYYY! :grin:
The first milestone reached :slight_smile:

I will iterate for sure on portfolio. It’s good to go now, but I’ll prepare completely new version soon.

Let’s get back to work!

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Great attention to detail on your projects. I noticed little things here and there that show you were going the extra mile (like the warning to reorient the mobile device on your TTT game, or the favicons on each app). I also liked the illustration on the Wikipedia viewer. Did you do that yourself!?

I like the portfolio. I’d move the non-FCC stuff to the top, as those projects are a bit more involved and impressive.

I’ll be redesigning the portfolio soon, that’s why the feedback like that is really useful.

Favicons were fun to do, especially with a bit of Photoshop and this site: http://www.favicomatic.com/.
The most difficult for me in all of these 10 projects were accessibility issues and logic of tictactoe.
I’d love to learn more practical things about how to tweak stuff to make them fully accessible. I hope to find good new resources.

Nice work :slight_smile: well done

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I tried the pomodoro clock, the text can be selected which isn’t nice, you can fix this easily just google unselectable text css. Also i can move the number to 0 or 1 which stops the buttons from working.

Everything looks really nice though, it makes me a bit ashamed of my designs.

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Thanks for the suggestions @robertx32 . I will have a look at this unselectable text for sure. Nice tip

I can’t reproduce moving to zero and killing the clocks @robertx32 .
Can you provide more details in what moment it happens?
To set the story:
The minimum break time is zero (no break). The minimum work session is one minute.
After starting a clock I disable the buttons so that a user can’t change the spans once the cycle started.
In order to change the time they need to refresh and start a new pomodoro and again they can customize the time.
The reasons why I do so is because of storing the history and tweeting the progress.

I’m not sure at which moment you can make the buttons stop from working that needs to be fixed. Please provide more info cause if it’s buggy I wanna fix it :).

ps. @robertx32 no need to feel ashamed, it’s better to feel motivated since I’m also quite new to coding and design

@jbeck the illustration comes from the local company from Málaga, it’s called Freepik
It’s really great source for free vectors, icons, etc.
As long as you provide attribution, you can use their graphics in your projects.
That’s why on the same main page in the right bottom corner you see the info about the graphic’s authorship.

My bad it works. I must have started the clock and forgot.

I made mine so the clock can be reset and changed by clicking the buttons though. Can you add a restart button at least?

I will think this over, now the reset button is just at the end of the cycle and by refreshing the browser window :slight_smile: Thanks for rechecking!

You’ve done a great job and your well ahead of me. I’ve just finished the tic tac toe game which I struggled to get unbeatable. I noticed in yours on the advanced setting that I can still beat it. This is the scenario: Numbers are the order of the moves.
I noticed that your algorithm on the second turn selects either a corner or a side. Selecting the corner instead leads to the computer being unbeatable.

Thanks for having a look and attaching a file :slight_smile: I love FCC community!
In the advanced mode computer starts in the center if it’s free, if not it chooses one of the corners (1 random from all 4). If there’s no visible threat it changes from defensive to offensive mode.
As in real life, it’s great if you can also win with a computer, even in advanced mode. There’s no fun if you can’t win in a game :wink:

Well done, this is an excellent job.
You are professionals and I love your extra features.
I have a question actually, did you spend a lot of time doing these projects? (several weeks for example, or just days) and did you depend only on the lessons that FCC taught you :slight_smile: