A bit frustrated

Ive been trying to build a big project which is a job portal and whats making me frustrated is designing, picking colors, right gradient or opacity, aligning, choosing the right font takes a lo t of my time. And the more frustrating is my design is still crap lol after spending so much time.

I feel like the design stuff on web eats a lot of time than the actual coding


I was on Google fonts and Dafont for over an hour yesterday looking for a fictional company logo font lol… It’s definitely time consuming.

A passion project is different though. Everything matters. If you’re doing everything yourself ( ideas, coding, testing, design, etc) it can be overwhelming. Maybe take a step back off the design ledge and make sure the thing works. Whatever you do, Don’t quit.


This is why the overwhelming majority of developers aren’t designers (and why the overwhelming majority of designers aren’t developers). Yes, it will take a long time, this is why design is a job.


Thank you for the suggestion. Although i have no plans on quitting. I was supposed to be finishing the project for a month but because of the design adjustments. Im overdue ffs lol.

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Have you tried looking for inspiration?
I’m not saying you should copy other people’s work(that’s an obivous no-no) but looking at other websites/templates can give you an idea of what “colors, right gradient or opacity, aligning, right font” could be like. You can try Behance or Dribble or marketplaces like ThemeForest.
You can also just buy a template. If you believe your project will be profitable, the investment should be worth it right? I don’t know what country you’re from but if you’re using USD/Euro/£ it can be pretty inexpensive in the end.

Good luck!


I actually tried looking at those templates. I made some clones before using html, css and js. I was just hoping to design the site with my own idea but it seems that i dont have that artistic talent. Sadly lol.

I guess i will just make sure the project is functioning with less or no bugs at all.

I will just stick with getting inspiration from templates and dribbble or behance.

Thanks for the advise everyone and for letting me vent my frustration.

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That’s right… Themes/Templates and clones are a good source for inspiration. Or good ol’ source code. Nothing wrong with grabbin a quick idea from dev tools just to keep the ball rolling. You could always change it later (and no doubt WILL change it - many, many times :rofl:)
and Maybe multiple stylesheets to keep your ideas sorted for when a designer joins the team?

@thundermoth Lol i decided not to stress myself with designing. No plans on grabbing the codes from those templates :grin:. I will just stare at it the whole time and code it myself.


Yes! a little padding here and little margin there. A little font-awesome here… some transform on my opacity ther… hey wait my event listener stopped working! oh no Lol. What fun :laughing:

The time spent is worth it. Sometimes when I’m getting burnt on a project I will actually shift away from coding and into styling… a few hours later my app (and my attitude) are entirely refreshed.

Hi There<
Love to hear what the subject is of your project.
But what I do is simply make a drawing, or two or three…LOL and then colour it in.
Do not worry about the code as that can be manipulated quite easily to make it look good in the long run.
Try that, simply make a drawing of what you would like your design to be like and include the subject of your project.
Good Luck.

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