A few Random Questions - can you help?

Hey Everyone!

This is a bit of an odd ball, but as part of a course I’m doing some research into people that are getting into Software, and wondering if you could help provide some insights.

If you can help, would really appreciate it!

Here’s the Q’s:

  1. Why are you learning coding? What’s your driver?
  2. What worries you the most about the path towards achieving your goal(s)?
  3. What have been your biggest frustrations / are there any things that have made you angry on your journey so far?

Thanks a bunch, really looking forward to your responses!

  1. Money & recognition. So i can move out and find my own place and being appreciated for knowing to do stuff.
  2. Example: Worrying could i learn something fast enough and in correct way so i can apply for jobs before it becomes obsolete.
  3. Wrong path of doing/learning things. Being sure that i learned something the correct way, but later proven wrong.
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Thanks so much for sharing!

Have you found any good approaches so far to try to make sure you learn “the right” thing? Also interesting that you mention recognition - in what way would you like to be recognised?

Hi @LouisSayers!

Here are the A’s:

  1. After being in many industries performing different jobs at different levels I recognize the importance of doing something that you like (not necessarily love) but can provide economic advantage through mastery. I want to do project-based jobs instead of repetitive (I mean the same task with the same results day in and day out) work and I want to have the advantage of doing “freelance” (not for a sole employer) work every now and then.

  2. The amount of knowledge I must absorb in a relative short time and the velocity in which that knowledge become obsolete or at least outdated.

  3. My biggest frustration so far is that sometimes I see a new concept that I know isn’t that difficult to learn but it takes a lot of time and research to reach that “Aha!” moment when I finally gets it. Sometimes make me angry to look back at the code and notice that it doesn’t work because an avoidable syntax mistake.

Hope this help in your research.




Thanks for your insights Dionny! I’m sure you’ll be able to reach your goals :slight_smile:

Sort of “ocd” i have helps me out at times … Also structure, like fcc got. My main problem is not not knowing something, it is doing something “plain”, so when i see something like these projects on fcc where people ask for feedback and i saw couple of them really good, it’s not the problem that i can’t do them in a way they did it, it’s a problem that i didn’t think of that first. For example my portfolio project: It’s responsive, color are complementary, it got modal/carousel and rest but it looks sort of “plain” as i mentioned before … BTW I recently discovered an “lightbox” that does basically the same thing as my modal/carousel thingy in more elegant and in a simpler way which is also very frustrating …

+1 for

It gets me every time.

BTW I recently discovered an “lightbox” that does basically the same thing as my modal/carousel thingy in more elegant and in a simpler way which is also very frustrating

I wouldn’t worry too much about that - it’s actually really good to create things from scratch to learn what’s involved in doing something. As a developer, you have to be OK with throwing stuff out that is no longer relevant / working. All just part of the process - and next time maybe do a quick search to see if the thing you’re wanting to create already exists :wink: