New to coding, but super exited about it!

Hello, I am new to coding and have been going back and forth with it. However this time I really enjoy it.

Initially I wanted to learn coding to hopefully change my career one day, however I have quickly learned this is easier said than done. So much to learn and it would take me years to be at the same salary I am at today. However I really enjoy it and for now I just want to get a few projects under my belt.

What do you guys think?

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That sounds awesome. I think that any motivation to learn how programs work is a good motivation. Code comprehension is the new literacy and no matter what your career or personal aspirations, you will be pursuing them in a world of technology. Even if you don’t write your own code, the code is there.

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Thank you!

So far I am enjoying my time coding, I cant wait to get to some of the projects.

I am with you there sacardem one day at a time is the motto!