Learning myself how to code

For some time now I’ve been struggling and decided I needed to pick up a new hobby, something that not only can be beneficial to my careerlife but also something that can challenge me and provide me with new experiences and most importantly, teach me new skills and experience. Decided at long last to pick up programming and see if this is for me. Been tinkering with computers most of my life and although I have never programmed a line of code at all, I seem to have a good time when spent on the computer trying to figure things out, and I’ve always made computer stuff work out in the end, one way or the other. So thats a brief introduction about me, anyone else who’s starting out on this journey too and stumbles upon this, send me a message!


Hello @glcodeproject !
You made a great choice. I also started learning to code two years ago. I also learned a lot of new things. It also helped me to improve my problem solving skills. I guess you’re in a right direction. We can definitely change our careers and improving our problem solving skills. Welcome aboard my friend and enjoy it :blush:.

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Hi Mikael!

Nice to hear your experience! So far Im greatly enjoying myself and feel like Ive started on a fun journey! I still have no idea where to go with this, but just for now Im super happy to have found a new hobby to learn myself a new skill! Thank you for your reply! Glad to be aboard :slight_smile:

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Awesome it’s cool to see other people are looking to improve and gain skills to advance themselves for the better. It definitely is challenging but fun and intriguing all at the same time. Who knows where this may lead us in the future from one to another I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Just getting started, and still haven’t done my first lesson. Where would you start?

Hey guys, a question for the more experienced ones; what do you suggest for learning?
Just do the tutorials here or did you do anything else?

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