A Flat Personal Portfolio

Hi guys,

Been on and off here at FCC, but determined to finish the JavaScript!

Here’s my portfolio completed - 3d Portfolio - used tabs for image gallery and the bootstrap grid layout - not much outside FCC. It’s a flat, simple layout - I’ve browsed some of you guys’ work, and they are wonderful. Need to work on designs and prototyping I guess.

Any suggestions/comments welcome and thanks for checking it out!


Welcome back to FCC!!! You did well on your page, no problems with your markup or anything :smiley: Only thing really is that in the mobile view, it might be better to center your picture because its way off to the left. If you add a class of text center t the div its in so that its <div class="col-md-4 text-center"> then it will look good on any screen size.

Also, your contact form is flush with the screen on mobile view too… just add a touch of padding to the div its in and that will help… maybe consider wrapping your form in a form group.

No worries on design and such, its great to look at but nothing to stress over…you can always go back over your projects to pretty them up lol but getting the coding part down is the really important part, and you’re off to a great re-start :smiley:

Hey, thank you for a constructive feedback, highly appreciate it. To be frank, I haven’t even checked it on a mobile. I know it’s always “mobile first” but I need to get out of my oldschool habits and actually take notice.

I will work on it, many thanks again for stopping by and your time.


This is where Bootstrap shows how awesome it is… cause it still looks very good on mobile, only those two thing I mentioned… so not even much work for you to get it all the way there :smiley: But yeah, gotta break those old school habits! lol So many more people are surfing the web with their phone, tablet/ipad or even those mini laptops so gotta make sure that your site always looks good on any device.

Oh and of course!! Hope to see some more of your projects :slight_smile: