A host that makes self publishing your code easier?

I use Bluehost and the UX design is such a hot mess, that it took my contacting tech support to find where they put the c panel. Is there a host that makes self publishing your code easier? I don’t want to create a WordPress site, which bluehost is pushing hard. I just want to take my made-from-scratch code, ftp it or one step push publish it without feeling so much pain. As I have several sites, Github pages isn’t a good fit. Anyone love their host?

You can use the Github page if your project is static as don’t have a backend.

I have several sites for different clients- as I said I don’t think that would work.

When I started checking out web development, I actually started with a bluehost site as well! Their starter cheap plan fit well with my goal of just seeing how things work.

I eventually canceled my plan as I learned more and use other methods now that are easier to use, and more “high level” in regards to letting the service provide handle more of the process, rather than manual FTP uploads of my static contents, I usually use the service providers developer tools and automate it myself so things are easier and more consistent… and still incredibly affordable (often times its free!)

I think it depends on what sorta of workflow your looking for, and what kind of stuff you want to publish.

There are a lot of systems out there that support “single action deployments”, where you can run essentially one command and automatically start a deployment of your current code, or you could automate it and integrate with git/github and automatically deploy to those platforms.

Ones that come to mind are:

This isn’t a complete list either.

Each of these are in competition with each other to certain degrees. Firebase, and Netlify can provide front-end static content hosting, with capabilities to support more advanced use-cases within their systems.

Heroku and DO’s App Platform can support full-stack apps, and more complex/advanced deployments without much trouble.

Github Page’s can work for multiple clients/pages, but it requires a little more legwork, can get a little wonky and is completely limited to static files (no back-end options, or ability to expand exists) so if your doing full-stack apps, or even a JAMStack app, and need any sort of back-end API to do anything, you can’t use github pages. Even if it fits the bill you’ll also have to deal with how github pages “redirects” your page, which can cause some headache if your supporting multiple github page apps.

There are plenty more options, but from the sounds of it you might be doing client-side only web pages. If that is the case then your within Netlify and Firebase’s wheel house, as both provide tooling and support for web based client-side development, and thus make it very easy to get things deployed and setup, along with support a number of common use-cases beyond simple static content client side pages/apps.

You can also “shop around” competitors of Netlify and find similar pricing, features and options as well.

Hopefully that offers some help and insight, good luck, keep building keep learning :+1:

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