A Simple Suggestion to Improve the Navigation Dynamics in the Course Section

After completing a section of a course, I think that instead of having to solve it again to be able to move on to the next or previous section, you could have the possibility (e.g. with a simple left or right arrow at the bottom of the screen) to move immediately to the next or previous page with all the solutions on the page presented.

I say this because sometimes we want to go back to a course or a part of the course we’ve already attended to review what we’ve done or to learn better/give a look on a specific part of the course.
Having to answer everything again to move on to the next section, or the need to go back to the course page to select the specific section of the course where the topic is (i.e. to find/see what you’re looking for) doesn’t seem as fluid as it could be.

Furthermore, when you open a course, it is divided into numerical sections. Another suggestion also would be to present a brief explanation/topic of what has been or will be developed in each of the numerical sections to make it easier to find the specific topic/content that you are searching/looking for and that you would like to review/get a deeper look/learn better/take out doubts.

I would like to make this suggestion absolutely without any criticism or complaint. The only and main goal is clearly to contribute to the improvement of the site itself and to make the learning process even more effective, in the sense that the student can browse through all the work done and can more easily relearn/look back at the content already done.

I’m very grateful for everything freeCodeCamp has already given me, not simply as a free learning resource, overall it’s fantastic.

If you activate the shortcuts from the settings you can go to previous and next step with P and N

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It will still clear the code between steps if you are signed in. So you have to use the seed code on the next step to see the solution code for the previous step. And the editor will change the location of the jaw blocks, which can make it difficult to find the code from the previous step. How much the location changes depends, but sometimes it is in a very different location compared to where it was in the previous step.

It isn’t a bad idea and considering all challenges have the solution code either as a solution section in the markdown or as the seed code for the next challenge step it should be possible to do. But I’m sure there are a lot of details and edge cases that would need to be accounted for. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement.

You can open a feature request

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Thank you very much, i had turned on recently but haven’t explore it yet, so simply solution, thanks for showing me.