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I decided to create this topic because i would like to know about what you think about bundle.js.
I am pretty new in programming, but since the begining i understood that programming is about logic. here is my question. If i have a project to make, for me and for us the beginners , and then we have this script which evaluate our program, some times, and it is my case, we try our logic and it is a little bit far of the parameters that the script has.
But that is programming about, or not?. Many people has told me that without complete the script evaluation i will not pass the challenge, but i am completing the needs of the user, the project works and has all what the challenge ask.
Why an script could be more important than the develop of our own logic. As new programmers or wanna be programmers that we are or i am, i think that it is more important to improve our logic and our decisions at the time of doing something. and maybe if we make a div and inside putting x tag and then the bundle.js dont like that, or we use vanilla or not,
that is a bit confusing and really dessapointing. then the people tell us that “Ahh is ok but without passing the evaluation of the bundle.js you will not pass”…
what do you think about. Maybe i am wrong or cunfused.

Test-driven development. It’s how specifications are done in many companies.

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The point of the tests is to make sure you learn how to build an app with specific user stories and specifications. Let’s say in a professional project you are on a team of 10 other developers and each developer has a specific part of an app to build. The overall project leader has gathered the requirements for the app and created some general specifications for overall app structure and written User stories which explain how the user will interact with the app within certain constraints (ie. html structure). Maybe you are assigns a specific set of user stories.

Let’s say the structural requirements for the app should tell you certain elements with specific ids must exist within the app. Your code must still meet both the user stories and the specifications.

Why can’t you just write code which fulfills the user stories you were assigned and not worry about the underlying structural specification (the specific html elements in specific parts of the structure)? Because other developers may be working on other features/user stories which require them to work with the same elements which are part of the structural specifications.


Yes it is true, but i was confused, i thought that the point was firs to exploit all the knowledges, step by step, maybe later i could learn about all these structural parts, i would have to start almost all the projects since the begining. But i am still confuse about it. If i work for a company i could understand that, but it is not the case, i am learning now, yes i know the answer, i must to learn that to, and i am doing believe me, thats why i posted that. to know about your opinions.

Nothing stops you from meeting the test requirements and having another version that exceeds those. I do it all the time until the FCC project meets my own specifications.

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thanks for your comments

Some of the tests in bundle.js are designed to look for specific structure to validate you have the structure in place. That is why you are failing the tests in the drum machine project. The tests are expecting there to be an audio element. Instead you created an audio object to play the sounds. Do they both work (the user can click a button and a specific sound plays)? Yes, but the structural requirement is not met (an actual audio element should exist).

Since you are trying to use React in the drum machine project, you should be creating audio elements (via a component) anyway and not audio objects. The tests in some sense are actually helping you write better React code.

yes in did, i will not give up… i wil keep learning. thanks a lot for your help. i start to understand, and your are right.