About to start a junior web dev postion

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working for a while at a software company as a support analyst mostly answering phone calls and emails regarding our software. I have been working through codecademy and free code camp over the past year on and off. I was officially offered a promotion at my company to start fulfilling web development requests. I will be starting out with mostly simple styling changes but hopefully eventually moving on to more in depth projects. Currently I am only just starting the “Basic Algorithm Scripting” section on here. It helps a little that I have had a brief introduction to python, but I really don’t know much. If I can have enough knowledge to professionally start doing work after this little time, you can as well. If you like the Basic Algorithm Scripting section I would suggest other resources such as Euler’s Project that is really just more open ended questions to solve. Plenty of answers for them floating around the internet if you get stuck but its a great little exercise in learning how to think and solve problems even if some of them are more abstract than you might face every day. Another things I’ve found helpful is to find a local community. I can’t say enough about how incredibly helpful other local tech people have been in my journey so far. As much as I would like to say everything is about what you know, its also about who you know. Beyond that though, it offers you a support network to of people to ask questions towards and keep you motivated in your learning every time you see them and they ask you what new things you have learned. Lastly, never stop learning. Just cause you hit a milestone, don’t stop there. Keep finding something new to soak up. Happy coding and good luck guys. Thanks for all the help and answers you guys post on here.


Awesome to hear. Congrats on the promotion!

Congratulations. I also used to work as similar support role for a software company. How valuable do you think your unique understanding of the software from a end user’s or administrator’s perspective is when you move to your new position?

Way to go! :slight_smile: