Accepted a tech job/changed careers

Hey guys,

This is not a normal “Got a software/web developer job” post. I recently accepted a technical consulting job working with SAP software. I will be developing in the ABAP language (SAP’s programming language) for clients.

I joined FCC back in 2017 after graduating from College (B.S Microbiology). Went through a majority of the front end challenges while taking a front end course on Udemy but lost some interest and started jumping around in regards to languages for a while. A good chunk of 2019 I spent learning about back-end development. At that point I realized I was not interested in front-end. Decided to enroll in Harvard’s free computer science course (CS50) and got exposed to a lot of awesome topics and languages such as C and Python. By summer of 2019 I was in a job that was going nowhere and decided to look around for entry level IT jobs. I did not have much skills/experience, but I figured I can try to get my foot in the door in the tech field.

After a lot no calls/rejections, I called a friend of mine who is currently at the company I am going to, and he encouraged me to apply for their SAP consultant opening. He let me know that the office has people from engineering backgrounds to business backgrounds who did not have much experience with SAP. It was a long process, but after three months and three interviews I was offered the position right before the holidays in December, along with a couple of other people. Luckily I did have a friend who referred me, but I also had to sell myself since I have zero experience in SAP software. The company will be paying for training to get us comfortable with the software. Along with a nice pay bump I could not be more excited. I found a sub-reddit for SAP consultants and there were a lot of people with similar stories to mine which made me more optimistic.

I have heard so far that SAP/consulting is a rewarding field and I am excited for it. I wanted to post on here about this because I did go through a good chunk of FCC in hopes of landing a web dev job, but when this opportunity came I could not pass it up.

I did want to give credit to FCC and the community. I have enjoyed a lot of my time on here doing challenges and building projects. I wanted to encourage anyone that there are a lot of options in the tech field. Hopefully someone can relate.


Congratulations on your new job! I hope you’ll still come by our forum from time to time. You never know when a young ABAP novice might come asking for help.

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Thank you! I am currently learning Python on the side and will definitely come back to check out the new FCC Python section when it comes out!