Accessibility features in VS Code

I am a visually impaired Mac user looking for an IDE that is accesible for users such as myself. I am considering VS Code. Does it allow users to tweak font-sizes for both the editor and file tree-view? Are there any VS Code plug-ins / packages that enable text to speech? Thanks!


AFAIK, you should be able to use the editor with VoiceOver, NVDA or Jaws. Since VSCode is (basically) a browser, it should work fine, though I haven’t tested it.

In regards to the font, yes, it’s quite customizable, so you should be able to.

For the font size, you can add "editor.font-size": 24px (change the 24) to your configuration. You can also zoom: "window.zoomLevel": 2 (chage 2 to a value starting at -1 and up).

I hope it helps.

Thanks a bunch! I haven’t actually downloaded VS Code yet, but your reply has convinced me to give it a try.

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There is a fairly strong extension community for VS Code, so you may also be able to find extensions that improve your experience.

Since you will be using large text, here’s a tip.
Ctrl+B will open and close the file tree view, so you can see more of your code.

Good luck and happy coding.

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