Advice about a programming language?

I’m thinking to learn golang as a substitute of node for backend is this good choice and can I go with goland in future.

I’m not sure but I googled it and found this Medium article which seems helpful.

One helpful quote from that article:

It cannot be ignored that Node.js offers a variety of packages which are hard to implement in Golang. Also, Node.js has broader community so it provides better support and solutions if a developer stuck somewhere while writing the code.

It is from 2018 so maybe a search will turn up more recent articles.

Yeah, it’s widely used, it’s tailor made for making microservices so covers some of the same areas that Node is normally used for. It’s easy to learn, syntax is simple, the more recent changes (gomodules) make it really easy to set up projects. Concurrency support is good (via goroutines); unsurprising as that’s core to why the language exists. Pointers are the thing that will probably take you a while to get your head around if you’re coming from JS, but you should be able to pick it up quickly, it’s designed to be simple. Teaching materials are good (Go By Example is great). Normally one way to do things, ms community has settled on a set of patterns for writing the code that means most go code looks exactly the same, which make it easy to understand most stuff (simplification, but once you’ve seen one program, you’ve seen them all). It’s highly, highly imperative, not really need to think about OO/FP ideas too much (if at all). Standard library is good.

IDE I dunno, everyone I know just uses VSCode but Jetbrains products are normally very good so :man_shrugging:t3: