Advice for a fellow starter?

I have nothing more to say. I think I’ve already made my intellectual contempt apparent. I will move on from this thread, and you should too.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘made my intellectual contempt apparent’.

I’m making no claims about anyone’s intelligence. I’m not making any claims about intellect or intellectualism. I’m only saying that Tutorial Hell is bad.

It means I’m expressing contempt towards some of the intellectual positions that you hold during the argument. It’s not about your intelligence, and it’s not the usual kind of contempt (think of a Marvel nerd reading a DC comics book). It’s just me being extra pedantic. I apologize if that confuses people.

Ah. Well the contempt seems to be all on your side. I have no contempt here.

I don’t think I have made any ‘intellectual positions’, only a detailed caution against a common and well documented pitfall.

Side note, Marvel and DC both have their strengths.

Hey John, How did you get your internship? Did you go through your college? was it all aveScript based? Did/Do you need any qualifications for this internship? Just begun teaching myself to code, and want to start networking and getting to no the industry a little more, I believe that an internship could be the correct route for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes, at the time my school partnered with this education company, so I just signed up for it via my school. They called it “intern for success”, but it was mostly a bootcamp for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I did help create two websites for two different small businesses that this education company partnered with, so I actually could put something noteworthy on my resume. (Which was their intention, I suppose)

But yeah, definitely sign up for a similar thing if your school offers it. I had a great experience there. I had done a lot of Python before that, but it was my first time breaking into the web dev languages. Also, I’m happy to network with you!! In fact, anybody reading this is welcome to add me on LinkedIn :slight_smile: We should all network!

PS: Also, please ignore the squabble we had there, guys haha…I’m a little embarrassed. Perhaps I was being a little too hard on Jeremy there. We are coders and should look out for each other =)

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