Advice for a newbie


I apologize in advance for bad grammar (english is not my first language) and probably dumb questions

For the first fcc project only with html and css classes, they say you can use bootstrap (optional). I’m still so dumb in this field that I have no idea of what bootstrap is besides being a framework.

Looking at the fcc curriculum, libraries come only after html, css and javascript.

Should I be doing libraries and javascript certifications at the same time or should I stick with the fcc structure?

The modules in FCC are designed so that you can take them independent of each other, in any order. If someone happens to have bootstrap experience but wants to learn more about the underlying languages of HTML and CSS, they can do so here.

To answer your question though, no, there’s no need to do multiple certifications at once, especially if you’re new to coding as a whole. If you just focus on the responsive web design certification, that’s more than fine.

Happy coding!

I would not suggest using bootstrap. At this point in the learning process, you will learn a lot more by doing all the CSS yourself.

As for doing other parts of the curriculum at the same time, it depends. It may become too much information and that may make learning a specific topic harder. But I think you can safely start to look at the JavaScript part and slowly begin learning more about JS. If at some point you feel it’s too much info, then stop and go back to just finishing the Responsive Web Design Projects.

Happy coding.

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bootstrap is a css framework that is quite useful if you want to quickly adjust styles to html
he’s predefined so his classes are already pre-configured for certain things so you don’t have to type in the css file
example: you have in bootstrap class container you put in html your div with class container if you want to center some elements inside this div
and this means that bootstrap will automatically generate styles
such as 1400px width and padding 15px (top) auto (right) 15px (down) and auto (left)
which puts it in the middle relative to the parent div.
so you don’t have to write it all in css but just put the class in some HTML elements.
or you have class text-center in bootstrap and this means in CSS text-align: center; and so on.
Just read this documentations
but you need to know the HTML structure and CS well to be able to use bootstrap properly
it just speeds up some basic things for you

I personally think it helps if you follow the structure if you’re learning just because the curriculum builds on previous knowledge, particularly the parts pertaining to javascript.