Front END desgin

i need help
i learn html css javascript
but i can`t styled by css only
but i can styled use bootstrap
should i go with bootstrap or learn to styled css only

Welcome. I think you should start with the basics. Meaning that you should learn HTML and CSS, before learning Bootstrap (and JavaScript). You can go through the FCC course for Responsive Web Development to learn HTML & CSS.


i learn it but when to come to dessgin web i can`t use css to desgin the page

What do you mean you can’t?

learning from FCC alone can be a bit frustrating, that’s why I’d recommend you learn CSS from SoloLearn first, it helped me a lot, plus don’t forget to learn from youtube, w3schools, css-tricks…etc, you shouldn’t learn only from FCC. and the rest of the learning is on you, you have to make an effort outside of FCC.

but everyone is different, just because this worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone.